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Reopened and [hopefully] revived, stay tuned for more news on new activities!

Um, I guess you would normally call this a rating community. But it's not like we're giving you a score from 1-10. We do fun things, and you have to fill out a badass application to join. The end. Now join, be happy, etc. You'll like us, we're good. Read on.


We are fantastic. We are also nice.


for applying

1. So, you joined the community. I suggest you apply, if you want it to mean anything. Copy & paste the app. into the entry, no rich text and fill in your own answers.

2. When answering, tell the truth, don't type like a four year old with attention deficit disorder, no SUPER HUGE ugly magenta font or anything, etc., etc.

3. Always be agreeable, nice, polite, etc.

4. Put your favorite color in the subject of the post.

5. As far as getting accepted goes, we'll auto accept you until we actually get some members. But you'll get a stamp so you know. But when voting starts happening, try to reply to all the comments on your app. with "thank yous" or whatnot. Courtesy.

6. And then you'll get stamped with a "yes" or "no". If you get rejected, wait a week or something and re-apply. We'll probably only reject you if you're awful or something, you'd have to be really crappy to piss us off because we're pretty agreeable cats.


Remember, paste this into a new post, no rich text, replace all the "answer here" spots with, um, your answer, and voila! Cool.

for members

1. Always be nice, never be mean, have a heart, remember that there is a human on the other side of the internet cables, "please" and "thank you" can make anyone's day (and so can "you're pretty!"), and remember that we're all made up of the same things.

2. More than one picture--lj-cut it.

3. Please keep HUGE FONTS, MAGENTA FONTS, TYPING LIKE THIS (or, heaven forbid, like ThIs!@!rfqkaeh~!) to a minimum. Because it's obnoxious and hard on the eyes.

4. I don't care if you can't spell, but I know you know how to spell "you." None of this "u" and "ur" crap. Also, if you can't use apostrophes correctly, that's okay, but I will remind you. You won't get in trouble or anything, but you probably don't want to here me say "Never pluralize anything but a lowercase letter with an apostrophe!! Never!!" one hundred jillion times. So, that being said:
Sorry, I'm a copy editor, I can't help myself.

5. Be active, that'd be pretty awesome of you.

6. We ♥ random acts of kindness.

7. As far as promoting in here goes--

a. No spamming, BUT

b. If you must promote, do it in a cut at the end of an on-topic post. Or it'll be deleted, and we'll give you a warning.

8. The only thing that will get you banned is being a bitch. Warnings, however, come from little rule-breaks. A slap-on-the-wrist, if you will.

9. Vote on applying members, but give at least one reason that isn't "you're cute!#$." And never tell anyone they aren't cute. Never, I'll kick you out for that. And for any fat jokes. No fat jokes ever.

10. All posts must be friends only.


So, we do things here, you see.

There's a point system, it's pretty basic:

Each month, points start over, and whoever has the most points at the end of the month gets a cool feature spot in the userinfo.

You can spend the points, as well.
For 50 points you can hold your own contest.

For 60 points you can decide on a theme.

For 75 points you can auto-accept/reject an applicant, but you can only buy one of these per month.

And anything else we decide on along the way.

Points are awarded as follows:

100 points for member of the month.

100 points for winning a contest.

75 points for second place in a contest.

75 points for posting a premade layout for members to use.

50 points for a picture post.

50 points for third place in a contest.

50 points for providing a graphic for the community.

40 points for a theme or scavenger hunt post.

40 points per song you post for the community to download.

30 points for a contest entry.

30 points for promoting anywhere other than the one you need for your application.

And anything else we decide along the way.

Finally, on each warning we subtract 30 points from your score. You can't go negative, though, so don't worry, we won't knock on your door demanding points that you owe or anything. No point debt collectors here.

If you've promoted for us somewhere, tell us here.

So those are the things we do here. You can post pictures following a theme, or not, as long as they're relatively applicable the the concept of the community. That is, post things you'd like to share. Not just pictures, either. However, maybe a 20 page rant about your day at school wouldn't be as on-topic as a few pictures of you and your best friend at a party, you know?

There is one major theme per month and one new sub-theme every week. Post pictures/songs/writings on those themes. The weekly themes, however, might be late, depending on how busy we are.
There will be one "member of the month" every month, that is, as soon as we get members. Every week, however, we will host contests.


So basically, everything you need will be in the sidebar, or else you can just ask.

The layout is made by the loverly Rikki Geneva.

Some links:

For uploading photos
For uploading files
Lj help
Lj help
Lj help
Lj help

Finally, graphics for promoting: