girl unfounded (midnight__moon) wrote in quelle_swoon,
girl unfounded

Long Hiatus

If you are reading this that means that I'm informing you of our very long hiatus. We have been on hiatus for a year (though we never really started anything), but we do plan on coming back in the next several months. We'll have more time on our hands hopefully and we'll be able to use this great layout by Rikki for something.

We aren't accepting applications. Infact, I've deleted every post other than the links to Rikki's and I's application/profile (which I updated mine today just for kicks) so when we do come back, we'll have a fresh slate.

Sorry for anyone that's still a member. You can hang out and wait for us to post again saying we're coming back, or just leave. I personally like to clean up my lists of things (friends on lj, aim, my communities, etc), so whatever floats your boat.

Until next time kiddies,

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